The legendary jacqueshammer

I was minding my own business, clearing out a farm, and i FOUND IT… it makes me feel mildly special :slight_smile:

enough bricks were shat to make a mansion.

(i would add in a photo but tbh i don’t know how)

Press the print screen button then go into paint and paste it, crop it and save it. Then search for a image hosting website, like tinypic or whichever and upload it there. Then paste the link it gives you for forums, or the direct link, here. I wanna see it.

Do eet.

Real men use school buses. Full of children.

Rule number 1: You do not talk about jacqueshammer.

Admin plz.

I found one in a pawn shop. Couldn’t use it without gasoline which i didn’t find in town. However its all written in gibberish french so i can decipher it. Too bad im too far away from it to pick it up and screenie it. Also found some nice gold bars and a gold ring spawn :slight_smile:

Found my first one in a pawn shop.
My second? In a mine.

Cave ins, plz.

Now I may be new here, But I thought discussion of the jacqueshammer was ultimate taboo.

Pics or it didn’t happen!
Something about this topic being forbidden/cursed/illegal/worse than Hitler/[insert term of your choice here]

It’s the French version of the Jackhammer. Use it the same way you would any other gas-powered pneumatic drill.

(Gas up, find a wall that needs demolished or a floor that needs broken up, apply the Jacqueshammer directly to it.)

Y’know I’m kinda suprised it can run off gasoline and not some weak-ass red wine.

It’s a mechanical object, not your mom.

Did you know red wine is made with the meat of the grape, while sparkling wine is made with the skin?
I want to be able to find stale baguettes in grocery stores and beat zombies brains in with it.