Carving a Knife With Itself

[sup]Unfortunately, it does not create a black hole.[/sup]

I’d like to state that whoever let me carve writing into stuff is a genius and I love you. I’ve spent most of my current game just carving everything I can carve. (And the ability to delete the “The carving on this whatever” bit of the message is great too, if you just want to customize the item a bit. For instance, taking that off and saying it has gems embedded into it, which I did with my messenger bag because it wasn’t girly enough.)

Though, I wonder if carving “Don’t Tread on Me” onto a landmine was a good idea…

However, while when you use the knife from the inventory it disappears so you can’t select it, if you keep it equipped you can carve your knife with that knife, meaning apparently you’re knife is also a Klein Bottle.

Suddenly I’m reminded of that short from Wayside School. Writing your name on your own pencil with your own pencil, anyone?

So, yeah. I don’t think it’s anything that needs to be fixed immediately seeing as it’s not gamebreaking and only worth a good laugh, but it’s there and it’s utterly mind-screwy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Kevin’s flagged this as a “Too Funny, Won’t Fix”. Bendy-Blade, from Wham-O!

It’s like - "You can’t have none that’s over there because you can have none."
Enough of me, you like that whole imploding, black-holish idea. So do make the Earth bumpable so I can finally move pourn fluids from one tile to another. And gtaguy will hopefully do what he’s promised to do.


This is a landmine. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. On the item is an image of a timber rattlesnake and a land mine. The timber rattlesnake is laughing. On the item is an image of a land mine and jumjummju. The landmine is exploding. Jumjummju is making a plaintive gesture.

I’m gonna go carve something onto a knife then carve something onto a none. I really want to cause a black hole.