Easter Eggs?

So I’m noticing more and more subtle nods to things… I’ll leave out the ones I’ve already posted about for now but I’m also curious as to any “easter eggs” you may have seen?

Anyone know about this one?

So I noticed occasional Katanas will spawn on Dead Gangsters… Is this a nod to Attack The Block by chance? XD At first I thought it wasn’t but I’ve noticed they don’t spawn with other more non-gangster weapons.

I thought there were some funny things when you attempted various impossible actions, but they’re mostly gone.

Was that dead gangster wearing a yellow jumpsuit by any chance?

I’ve found bank vaults with only a pair of glasses in them. I’m assuming that’s a reference to that Twilight Zone episode.

AFAIK we haven’t really been removing any. An easy way to see lots of them is to order using different things on your own square (lock picks, etc.).

I was wondering this my self after finding a Katana on a gangster.

Close where? 5
There’s some buffoon in the way!

I always thought the fact they where mostly nude was an easter egg. That than the piles of nude people you will find carrying loads of heroin and nobody with a syringe.

Remember when all the zombies were naked? And are we not to mention the hand Granades?

I just found a book called To Serve Man. I like Twilight Zone references.

It’s a book about how to make food out of human meat.

WHAT? Zombies aren’t naked anymore?!? Man, I’ve been fighting the horror too much…



We shouldn’t mention Jaqueshammer so we do not invoke the wrath of Jaqueshammer

Not to mention the pickaxe, the granade, and the fish bowl.

[quote=“vultures, post:12, topic:3917”]WHAT? Zombies aren’t naked anymore?!? Man, I’ve been fighting the horror too much…


They are when I’m done, because…

[quote=“Soviet Troopa, post:13, topic:3917”]Jaqueshammer

We shouldn’t mention Jaqueshammer so we do not invoke the wrath of Jaqueshammer[/quote]

…the hammer is–

You know, I can’t even finish that.

Seriously though, it’s the little touches I’ve been enjoying in Cataclysm. I don’t get to play as much as I’d like, but the fact that I’m willing to put away games I’ve paid over half a hundred dollars for during a time period in my life where ten bucks means a great deal to me to play a game about kung fu-ing zombies in the face while scavenging for food until my inevitable death-by-oh-god-so-many-of-them says a lot.

Found a Granade on my very first character ever in 0.8. That was… interesting.

On my very first character in 0.9 I found a bunch of dead guys with Mac 10s and a katana… apparently the gangsters mentioned in the first post, considering all the drugs I found! Kind of made me feel like I’d wasted my points spent on learning krav maga because while punching dudes like a Mossad agent was something I wanted to do, I cannot turn down a katana.

Still one of my favourite easter eggs.

Adds a few cannibal themed easter eggs to the cannibal foods

Mop yourself. Seriously, try using a mop on the square you’re standing in. Let the foundations of spacetime tremble :3

Don’t forget the Edd reference in Rum