This Video Seemed Somehow Relevant

Survivor’s Dream Bunker

Would love to see the extremely rare building like this. Maybe the extremely large basement to some mini-mansion.

Or some government facility?

It’d make an excellent faction quest about having to check out some rumored safe house only to find something awful down there like a few rat mutant NPCs, a couple rat-kings, and loads of black rats.

I saw the video and I think it’s really cool. It reminds me of how brave our survivor really is when braving the hardships sometimes in the dark. If new-england has something like this then I think it should fit in the game.

I think it could fit without us needing a direct parallel. I mean, if you saw chinese biosoldiers on the horizon wouldn’t you contract a super bunker to be built? Assuming you have the cheddar.

It would be more recent than the cold war era stuff. Like a massive version of the current LMOE shelters.

Fuck everything about the first and last 3 minutes of that video.

I need to find a way to put that in the game :smiley:


Imagine entering the bunker, then, while in there, mutating through bear or cattle path. In other words, into something too big to get through the pipes. Now you’re stuck in there… forever!

If you’re looking government and aren’t worried about it being specific to the Boston area, the Greenbrier Resort’s likely what you’re looking for. is where it is.

From the link above:

" During its Eisenhower-Era use, the bunker provided the following:

  • Four entrances; three to The Greenbrier’s grounds and one to the main building
  • 25-ton blast door that opens with only 50 lbs. of pressure
  • Decontamination chambers
  • 18 dormitories, designed to accommodate more than 1,100 people
  • Power plant with purification equipment and three 25,000-gallon water tanks
  • Three 14,000-gallon diesel fuel tanks
  • Communications area, including television production area and audio recording booths
  • Clinic with 12 hospital beds, medical and dental operating rooms
  • Laboratory, pharmacy and intensive care unit
  • Cafeteria
  • Meeting rooms for the House and Senate, the Governor’s Hall and Mountaineer room"