Think I could get C:DDA running on the Raspberry Pi?

I got the Raspberry Pi Zero, the smallest, cheapest Raspberry Pi yet. I have been down on ideas as to what to try with it but I think I got one.
How about I get Cataclysm DDA running on this bad boy?
I think I may need a bit more of the green board to get this moving forward, because this thing goes to > 90% resource usage loading up some low-end web pages.
Throw your thoughts in on any dependancies I may need and if you think it would be possible here.

I’m pretty sure somebody already did once, so I believe it’s possible (though obviously some things would go really slowly).

Yeah, here is the binary to do just that.

It takes a very long time to compile, and last time I tried, it would show a black screen unless you made the window slightly larger. I may have tried the console build. Haven’t done that in… possibly years at this point.