Raspberry pi compiling

Im trying to compile on my raspberry pi, ive allready updated g++ so i can start compiling. I type make and after a few hours it ends with signal 9 and error 1. From going over the output it looks like It’s compiled all the files individually and then failed to combine them.

Im a beginner with linux but have some software engineering knowledge. Any one got any ideas?

Im no expert all right, but AFAIK cataclysm is not compilable in ARM. From the makefile:


Linux native

(don’t need to do anything)

Linux 64-bit

make NATIVE=linux64

Linux 32-bit

make NATIVE=linux32

Linux cross-compile to Win32

make CROSS=i686-pc-mingw32-

or make CROSS=i586-mingw32msvc-

or whichever prefix your crosscompiler uses

as long as its name contains mingw32


Run: make NATIVE=win32


Run: make NATIVE=osx

No ARM support intended for now, apparently. Let’s wait for the devs word; i’m also interested in a pi vers of cataclysm.

I believe I compiled mine a long time ago. It was probably just ./configure, ./make. Actually it may have been a Linaro/Debian type build on an mk802 1GB, but still should work on Pi.

Copy/paste your output logs after ./configure and ./making

Are you compiling term or SDL? Term should work easily, SDL probably wouldn’t.

DDA is a pretty beefy codebase, it’s possible you just ran out of ram, can you run top or similar when linking?

I’m compiling on the model b and I set all the ram away from the graphics. I am trying to compile for terminal.

Thanks for your help guys, im away on holiday so i cant post the log till Saturday.

Sorry for double post. Kevin could you explain what top is and how to run it please. I’m a bit of a linux noob.

If i can get it working with you guys help do you think its worth me adding to the compiling article on the wiki?

Top is a terminal application that shows the state of all your processes, think a terminal version of the windows process manager.
You just run it from the terminal with ‘top’, reading the output may be a different matter, the column you’re interested in is ‘RSS’, which stands for resident set size, and in English means the amount of ram the process is using. It’s in KB by default.

I’m not that much of a terminal wizard but I could run make through xterminal and check how much memory it is using via system tools. Is there a way of just running the linking phase because I don’t want to wait 3 hours while it makes all the object files again.

It could easily be a ram issue. Is there a Linux system you have to try and cross-compile for Arm v6?

Cross compling sounds like the best bet. I’ll try it this weeked when I have access to a linux tower. Thanks for your help guys ill let you know how it goes.

If the build directory is still there, make should just verify that the .o files are newer than their .cpp files and skip recompiling them.

I ran make again with task manager on and can confirm that the problem is a lack of memory. I’ll have to see how well cross compiling works on saterday.