Raspberry Pi Builds - Cataclysm DDA 0.C ARMv6 & Armv7 binaries

Hello, survivors!

For those of you who are curious and want to try it out but don’t want to spend 3 hours compiling (or setting up a cross-compiler.) I’ve started building versions of Cataclysm for ARM architectures. This is the 0.C “Cooper” release, and is ncurses (terminal-only.) Armv6 builds are tested on Raspberry Pi v1, Armv7 builds on the NTC CHIP.

It runs just fine over SSH. I run it within screen; This way I can detach and reattach the game wherever I might connect from. Some actions are slow with weak Arm CPUs, but with some patience it is playable.

2016-08-05 Update: Native Armv7 build added. RaspberryPi 2+3 and other Armv7 devices should see improved performance by using this version.


Download from my GitHub:
Cataclysm ARM Builds

Q: Will this run on X?
A: It has only been compiled and tested on a Raspberry Pi B+ and PocketCHIP. Other ARMv6 & ARMv7-based linux devices may work. The Raspberry Pi 2 is ARMv7, user the v7 version for better performance.

Q: How do I run this on my Pi?
A: I’d use Filezilla to connect over SFTP if you’re running windows, copy the file over, extract with tar -jxvf %filename% and run with ./cataclysm.

Q: It doesn’t work for me!
A: Sorry?

Q: Can you compile me a newer version / nightly?
A: Sorry, No.

Q: I have another question.
A: Use Google or the forum search feature.


Disclaimer: I provide this with no warranty or support implied or otherwise. (i.e. if you break something, it’s your own fault)

How hard would it be for you to build for ARMv7? I don’t expect much optimizations from switching libraries but that would give people access to stronger devices like the Pi 2 or a Pandora. I would certainly love to play Cata on the Pyra Handheld when that releases.

A bit off topic here for me but I would love an android build.

I wish Kevin or some one would have an android version build every time there’s a pr like we have for windows.mac etc.

I understand that input might be an issue for some but most people have a Bluetooth keyboard :).

Yum android dda with chezzo tiles :slight_smile:

Native Armv7 build added. RaspberryPi 2+3, NTC CHIP/PocketCHIP and other Armv7 devices should see improved performance by using this version.

Any chance you will toss it up onto Android?