Raspberry Pi 4, Raspbian and other flavors?

So with the Raspberry Pi 4B 4gb making the small computing scene a pretty slick addition if one wants to compute on the cheap. I’ve been experimenting with a variety of flavors of linux and I must confess there are 2 pretty darn decent distributions.

…with one small problem…CatDDA is old as f*ck and mostly curses on each. With that. My point.

Does anyone happen to have any interest in compiling the game version of E using tiles for aarch64(monjaro; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruuOrI84zLU ) and/or Raspbian?

Mulling over thee various packages I have come to find to be very outdated and some were flatly broken. I looked at compiling it myself…and my brain puked up a massive hairball at the the attempt >_>

(That means,no I didn’t think it was"easy")

In any event. If you own a pi 4. Check the Monkjaro! It is surprisingly decent.