The Wiki's Down

I’m sure whoever is custodian of the Wiki is already acutely aware the server is down; I just thought I’d make you ask yourself how many hapless noobs have now died horrifically - and surely hilariously - for lack of guidance. Just wanted you to think long and hard about the atrocity you’ve committed here out of negligence.

(If it’s not obvious, this is a satirical comment)

There’s more info to be found here than on the wiki, tbh. Most of the stuff on there is outdated.

The wiki is officially over. It may be continued by mugling

Ah… That’s a shame. I thought perhaps it was just a technical malfunction. Even if it’s often out of date, I found the wiki extremely helpful in getting my bearings during the early days of my post-apoc tenure.

It looks like the content of the wiki will be hosted by mugling

Anybody have any info on how long until Mugling rehost the wiki?

I find the item viewer more helpful than wiki. Though it is not updated.

Until someone revives the wiki I think you could use the Wayback Machine for all your wiki needs.

Here ya go:

Thanks to RemyRoy for helping me set it up.

Somebody needs to update the main page with the new wiki link - it’s still the old broken one.

Awesome that it could be brought back!

By the way, curiosity won me over and i checked the homepage of your domain, Chezzo. Woah, so that’s why ChestHole is the name? What a hidden backstory, there!