The ultimate guide to fungal boss extermination

Just chunk a fungicide grenade at the thing and it will die no need to actually fight it just one simple grenade toss and it will be done for.

edit: Just realized that a tank will work just fine to.


or set around it on fire

fungel bosses are immune to fire

yeah but it’ll burn the rest, then you just shoot em

Some of the bosses actively spawn more fungaloids so unless EVERYTHING is on fire you still have to deal with tendrals and headsrows. Not to mention you still have the FIRE and heat itself to deal with which might be just as difficult and dangerous as the fungaloids.

i thought fire wasnt that effective since the update to 1 turn per second, it feels that it take more to spread (althought it still works as good when it finally catches)

Napalm. Napalm is your friend.

ayuh, ayuh, fungus’ll burn, aways does

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And I reckon it aways will. For the boss inna center, I just use a gun

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If you start a small fire then yes it takes a few minutes for the fire to go from a small fire to a big fire but once it gets going the fungaloids will burn even if it is freezing in the middle of winter. THEY WILL BURN.

I was glad to see this thread. The fields around my character’s nice abandoned cabin were overrun with fungaloids, and someone suggested burning them. I probably can’t do that near the cabin, as that will catch fire too, but I tested it further out… and they are burning!

The fire above spread to the fungal bed to the northeast, and I’m guessing I’m going to see a forest fire soon.

Better than those damn fungaloids.