How does fungus actually work?

whats the difference between blooms/trees/flowers? which spread fungus and which can be ignored? if i blow up the core does that actually stop the fungus, or do i need to hunt down those fungdudes in the 20 tile radius they spawn? Ive been doing the hunt down everything thing, and its super duper tedius and risky to my character so id rather not do that if it turns out ive been wasting my time.

People will tell you to “burn it with fire” but that must be a meme because I’m right there with you. There are just too many and too much fungal crap to bother. I just get in my rig and keep driving until the fungal is gone, the world is infinite so it’s great that you can do that.

The main difference between the blooms/trees/flowers are the different secret items there that you need if you want to


Mutate into a Mycus. Which will solve the fungal problem in a different way because you’ll be immune and they’ll be friendly!

Two of them are single tile things that can be dealt with fairly easily using fire arms (with enough ammo!) and fire. Just go there, light fires around the bloom/tower, kill off the moving stuff (fungaloids, etc.) and shoot at the structures until they die. Make sure to burn all the mycelium that may have escaped. Done. Takes half a day or so.

The third one is impossible to deal with as it covers an enormous area and new fungaloids spring up faster than you can kill the old ones off.

A lead designer tossed up some idea to make these things possible to deal with, but as far as I understand he got distracted/bored/whatever, so I don’t believe it’s been dealt with. The only way to deal with this mess is to make sure never to spend any significant amount of time with it or its spreaders within the reality bubble or it will spread uncontrollably. Fire don’t work here because fire doesn’t develop outside of the reality bubble, so while fire OUGHT to have burned off everything, when you leave to sleep and return the next day the fire remains in the state it was when you left, while a horde of new fungaloids have spawned. Any unique facility within reality bubble range of this mess is doomed, and you’re probably going to be unable to reach such a facility more than a limited number of times if your path brings this within your reality bubble. Since vehicles now are smashed up by collisions you can’t run through the mess either.

They are a good source of plant fiber