Eh, why not right?

Horses, a 1x1 tile animal that you can ride.

Basically it would be an animal that moves around but it would be treated as a vehicle when mounted. Or it would reduce movement costs greatly.

Where would you find them, farms? It would be kind of hard to keep it fed, and maybe it should freak out when encountering a horde of zombies, like it would throw you off itself and run away.

The horses getting spooked is an interesting concept. I think horses would be a great addition, and along with it there should be traits associated with it. Like one associated with firing while mounted, and one with overall skill.

A skill, riding? It would effect your shooting while riding and how fast can you go with the horse. I rode horses many times, and I can never get them to gallop properly, only skillful riders can do that. Also, maybe horse leather armour/pouches?

Put in a request at the MGS thread. LazyCat had a interest in horses and riding.

Good idea, but skill would an interesting concept. Even an unskilled rider can get a horse to trot or canter with relitive ease, it really depends on how well the horse is trained, and slightly on the rider.

There are badly trained horses out there, and firing guns on most that aren’t trained with them will cause them to flip out and knock you off.

I fell off a horse once and was blacked out for a little while from the impact. So guns on untrained horses is a no-go unless silenced.

On the same horse without a saddle or reigns I was able to get the horse to walk around with relative ease, even with little to no training. But controlling one without gear is horrendous, this way and that. Always running amuck.