The Quest for 1,000 MPH

I love how it says “Wheels: Enough”

When you get to 1,000 MPH it should say going to light speed.

This is pretty awesome. Good job dude. Love those images of the bike crashing through the houses.

Just some physics to be aware of when driving.
Speed of Sound at sea level = 761.207051 mph
Speed of Light = 670 616 629 mph
You were travelling faster than some bullets travel, you were even travelling faster than most sniper rifles.
Also, we should make it so that there is an sound explosion behind you when you break Mach 1 (speed of sound).
Finally, you are still a few 100s of thousands away from lightspeed.

Won’t be able to hit good old C without some very good engines, seeing as friction and material science etc. Though travelling at nearly 800mph with that vehicle tonnage would probably equate to some simply killer force/momentum. Frankly I’m not suprised it took you a few buildings to slow down. I’ve not done the calculations but it feels like more force than the average artillery shell.

pretty sure we could hit a quarter of C if we had a stretch of road long enough. You’d need lightened chassis

There should be a possibility of losing control when you break the sound barrier. As well as a very loud bang.

Little tiny babby update.

Havent been able to play much DDA lately been busy with work/life and havent been able to find any V8’s since the liter update, but i have today off so im going to power down and try to find some engines. its currently 5:25 am and as soon as i get home i will be putting the pedal to the medal on getting engines

EDIT: got mention from glyph?


Good luck to you, master mechanic.

Do engines take into account its own weight and additional engines adds power linearly- not geometrically?

If so on both counts, I don’t think addong more engines would let you go faster than that one engine can travel, merwly decreasing the ratio of the weight of necessary parts like wheels to the weight of the parts that supply the forward momentum. The top speed of the fastest engine would act like an asymptote.

just killed a zombie brute with my trusty 1911, it dropped a 6.45 liter V8

now i just need to scrape together a few more parts and find a good road.

You can also get engines from metal wreckage.

i know but i sadly have yet to find any metal wreckage.

5 various enjuhns and i cant even break 1,000 in topspeed.
dangit. i need more V8’s bigguns. if only i had like a turbo charger… or a supercharger… or both.

Also dat fuel usage im gonna need alot of gas

Hopefully this inspires coders to allow for tinkering, tweaking and upgrading with the right parts.

The RoD 820 still grows. Mmm…

so, progress?

zilch, ive been running around hunting for vehicles but have been unlucky so far to find big rigs for their V8’s and ive been busy with work.

do V8’s burn? cause if not you could just shoot a few shot o birdshot in the middle of town, funnel them all through a nonburning hallway and toss a couple (warning:bad spelling ahead) malatophs

Whats your mechanic skill so far?

It should be fairly easy to find 4 liter engines. My save has tons of them as well as a 5.95 litter (:

Also by my calculations going 1,000 mph will roughly go 5 map tiles per turn. However the space need to accelerate up to that…i haven’t calculated that.

i have my skill rust set on the 2nd setting so i have absolutely 0 loss ive been building and repairing vehicles grinding up my skills so i can have more and more engines, im trying to do this as legit as possible now level is currently 30 after hours and hours of grinding. but ive been really busy with work related things lately.

I should start a blog for all the stories of the shit ive seen and done on the job.


i need someone to draw the vehicle ive created its fucking ridiculous. give me a little to get a screenshot together of what everything ive got. its basically 10 engines strapped on the smallest possible frame, with 4 wheels and no walls. this thing is bitchin.

You might be able to squeeze a bit more power out of it by using big wheels, rather than standard ones.

this is officially the most chucking futs’ thing ive ever built, found 2 more enjhuns need more V8’s still. i want someone to draw it out with all the inlines and v6’s and v8’s

[size=14pt]Its like a steamroller with rubber and gasonline instead of iron and diesel.[/size]