The Quest for 1,000 MPH

So it begins again, i tried this once on the last forum summertime ish last year

the bike:

and the road.

Now attempting land speed record, hold onto thine butts.

hell yeah motherfucker

First attempt was a failure. reached 865 towards the end and backed out.

forgot to take a screenshot

extending the path so i can really fly will post update later

Whats your driving skill at? I feel like if you wobble a little bit you’ll fly off the road.

Now I’m wanting to do something like that :confused:

Great job getting as fast as that so far.

If you have 4 Driving skill, you never wobble.

I love how the ‘safe’ speed for your motorcycle is 544 miles per hour.

Also this thread title.

-1 forest.

got nearly raped to death by fungal zombies and spores need to recover got another 15 map blocks of space to speed up in

driving skill is currently 11 i turned off skill rust so i could atleast build it up high enough for multiple engines and a decent driving skill

edit again

messed up and got killed by more fungal zombies brb lemme grind my drive skill back up bike is still intact

Attempt number 2

decided to just cheat back my driving skill got back on the bike filled it with fuel and set out i ended up hitting a max of 909 MPH before braking and loosing control and then well…

a shot of nearly 800 mph dicked around for a few days and decided to chop into this shit.

and now it gets bad.

i got to the end of the road and slammed on the brakes. it didint work /spoilers
see that park (the green 0 on my minimap) i went through 2 houses before that and then that and then 2 more buildings

[size=36pt]BUT THE BIKE DIDINT STOP[/size]

[size=14pt]I am become death, destroyer of worlds.[/size]

That is so awesome! :smiley:


Burn baby, burn!


Bwahahaha damn ball that shit is hilarious

Amazing xD That’s brilliant. I have no more to add :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you were wearing your seatbelt.

(Am I missing something? Is it required that there be a seatbelt, does it come with the seat, is it some kind of demented joke, what?)

no the seatbelts do help, but not enough.

[size=18pt][font=georgia]A little update i probobly wont be updating anytime soon as in the latest update im having trouble finding V8’s so until i can either cheat in some 10L V8’s or something or get lucky and find some decent Engines there sadly will not be a update on my 1,000 mph shenanigans[/font][/size]

You may just want to build yourself a safe little cockpit so the bad men won’t be able to somehow sink their crazy zombie magic into your soul. A glass bubble. Yeah, that’ll do.

now you just need to make a tank that can go that fast.

Its pretty damn amazing how you just flew through those houses. You should see if you can breach the bank with that thing.

In a RV like thing.