The New tileset

Is it only me or does anybody else hate the new tilesets?

Welcome to the forums, i’ll pretend you don’t used the word “hate” for the so hardworked, waited for and incredibly done new tileset system and say…

“Well, everyone has different ideas and opinions, but in this case you can just go to the options, turn off the tilesets, and be happy.”

I don’t hate any of them but I’m not very keen on using them as I lose quite a bit of screen space and on screen visibility. Still waiting for that semi-tileset that a rusky member here was making.

That kind sir did not updated the tileset anymore. I really hope he gets back…

Hate? Yeah, that’s probably just you. I don’t even dislike either; though Deon’s is way too big to be practically useful, I can’t bring myself to really dislike it on account of it being so pretty. Hoder’s is a nice compromise between graphical niceness and usability, though it’s still incomplete (unfortunately).

But if the tilesets don’t work for you, you can totally just go back to ASCII; it’s still somewhat more practical than either tileset, for range-of-vision related reasons.

It’s just my Opinion. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. To me the game is amazing without the new tile sets.

I don’t hate the tilesets, but the novelty has worn off now. I was really impressed with Deon’s and how fast he got it out while still looking nice, but still ASCII is my favorite. I would like to see the “minimalist tileset” done as well.

Yeah, add me to the list of folks waiting for the minimalist tileset.

Also waiting for a minimalist tileset! I play DF with tilesets, but I started Cata with ASCII and I find it easier to deal with the ASCII representation, or equivalent, than the tilesets.

Huh. Not only do I love the new tilesets, I prefer Deon’s-- I find SirHoder’s to be too small to actually spot anything dangerous on.

I mean, I don’t find either of them ideal-- I’d kill for one at Deon’s size that used bright colors for enemies/items/cars and earth-tones for terrain/furniture, and maybe that threw down a small red dot in the corner of the tile that any enemy icon was on-- but I still find them better than the ASCII.

As a bonus, I’ve turned a couple of casuals onto Cata by playing it in public with graphics on.

Same. I tend to dislike fancier tilesets for multiple reasons:

  1. Awkward movement. With less pixels and less space between characters, you get the illusion of smoothness when moving.
  2. Can’t see very far. Larger tiles means less tiles on your screen at once, which means you’re less aware of what is around you at any given time.
  3. Effects. Unless the pixel art is epic, most effects, like fire, explosions, etc, end up looking sort of weird when tiled. If they’re ASCII or minimalist, they look aight.

That’s just me, though. Some people love tilesets, and I can see why - it makes it really clear what you’re looking at. I’ve just gotten so used to ASCII that I find myself a little bothered whenever it’s not there.

Of course, I’m really, really picky. I can’t play a roguelike when the symbols aren’t square. If they’re taller than they are wide, it bothers me a lot. I had to change the default tileset in cata to be able to play it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, I really like the tilesets we have, they look great, it’s just that I don’t like tiles in general.
Also waiting on the minimal tileset :3

My first time ever attempting quotes in any forum, anywhere! gasp! Either way, I take Deon’s tiles and brighten up the objects and dim/enrich the terrain colors… Just can’t stand it being so washed out… But after reading what you said I went in and put some red and green indicators on the enemies… They’re not perfect, and my alterations are definitely not perfect, but here it is anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I rather enjoy Sir Holden’s tileset. The tiles are small, so I see more on screen than the default tileset, and when I’m in my supply-filled base it can be pretty useful to be able to identify some objects on sight without having to examine or place the cursor over them.