The New Sidebar (Build 8628)

Edit: Found the answer needed. } opens the sidebar manager.

Original post below.
Hello, I’m sorry that I’m mucking up the forum with my lurking, but I had to make an account to address this issue I’m having with the sidebar after updating to build 8628.

The UI feels incredibly uncomfortable to use now, feeling way too out of the way for their own good. Looking off to the complete left of my screen is annoying me more than it should, seeing as now it’s taking up a part of the screen that it hadn’t been before. Everything on the sidebar is smaller now, and while it has a more streamlined design that I don’t mind, being as thin in width as it is is a detriment to the player’s ability to tell what’s around them. The minimap at the bottom of the sidebar suffers because of this, and I’ve already had a few issues with the enemy compass because now I can’t read more of the enemies around me. The sidebar text log is smaller now too, which has caused me to miss a few messages I needed to see.

Is there any way there could be a sidebar choice that we can choose between? I’d much rather keep playing with the UI I’ve grown accustomed to if at all possible.

(If there’s an option to change that around, I’m sorry. I’ve looked through the options menu a half dozen times, so if it is there, I must be blind.)

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} lets you choose between the 3 current panel styles available and reconfigure panel layout.

There is “labels” which is meant for newer players and well, labels everything. There is classic which is a close approximation of the old sidebar, then there is compact which really condenses the information.

Besides the styles, you can also change where each panel appears in the over all design, moving compass to the top, health to the middle, etc.


Thank you for replying, just edited the post as I had found out what I needed from a completely unrelated post.

is anybody’s sidebar blinking now (maybe only during rain/drizzling)? Or is only mine buggy?

The classic sidebar also no longers informs me what enemies are nearby, only how many. I also find that for all of the sidebars, the pixel minimap is too small on my screen to see anything

Short answer is that they’re working on things.

I am also experiencing many issues with the new panel, including being off center. And yeah, the compass seems to be broken in ‘classic’ mode.