Ya'll messed up the interface

I don’t know if this was the intention or not, but my right-hand bar is really messed up.

Is there some way for me to go back to the way things used to be layed out? I hate that the 'e’xamine items pops up on the left. Also the minimap is cutoff at the bottom of my screen.

It is confusing to me why this change came about in the first place. If it wasn’t broke, why fix it? I genuinely don’t like it at all, and it’s not just because I dislike change. Pressing ‘N’ now removes the minimap with zero effect on the rest of the bar, as well.

I’m on 8632, if it matters.

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Turns out some people are already discussing this on Github. I jumped the gun a bit with the forum thread.

Still, though, anyone know how I can revert to the original layout?

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Download a previous build?


The key } will give you sidebar options, so you can go back to classic. If you have minimap issues (I did), in Options > Graphics set Pixel Minimap Height to something other than 0.


Minimap height had not changed anything.

But thank you very much, I didn’t know ‘}’ even had a function. That’s what I was looking for.

x_x Sorry for the rambly post – I was trying to record and thought the day’d been ruined.

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Panel manager is a recent addition. And its very cool.


So, classic panel view makes the screen shifted to the west, which gets even worse when you’re driving, because the whole car stays out of screen. Anyone know why is this/how to fix it?

Pic related


A fix is in the pipes

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Thx. That’s good to know.

There is a way to fix the flickering if you remove the minimap? I could upload a gif or something to show it. Under the log as the dark space is gone, the background of the UI flickers and lags. It really bothers me.

Is this been added to a secondary or as a default option. Because it truly is horrible and not at all concise to look at. Noobs won’t even know the panel isn’t suppose to be this messy.

You do realise the panels are configurable right?
That the goal of this PR and its revisions will be to make the sidebar entirely down to user customization so you can make it as messy or as non-messy as you want?

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Thank you so much for pointing this out!

I was going nuts trying to deal with the new sidebar layout, because I don’t use the minimap and there was a space below the log area, which itself was passing information through way too quickly for me to keep up with… :smiley: