The side panel map is incomprehensibly small

As per title.

It used to be normal, now the map is very small, to the point that nothing can be distinguished on it. Here’s a screenshot:
small map

Is there a way to change it in the options that i overlooked?

Which version are you on?

latest experimental - Build 11007. I tried to fiddle with the settings, but nothing seemed to help…

I can’t really reproduce that error in that version…
Does it stay so small even if you remove the overmap (or other elements of the sidebar)?
You’ve written that you’ve fiddled with the settings, does/did it change anything when you set Options->Graphics->(row 40) Pixel Minimap height to 0?

Can’t check it now, will do tomorrow.

Doesn’t solve it. I tried different values there. The only thing it does change is black area below the overmap. It gets bigger/smaller, but the visible area remains the same.

I didn’t try to remove any elements of the sidebar, but I did try those other options, like changing the type of the sidebar, to no avail.

What about reverting to default options? You can rename config/options.json to something else, and the game will make a default one. (if it won’t work you can always restore original file)

Yes, it does.

It doesn’t help…