Badly positioned sidebar

Hi guys, apologies if this has already been answered somewhere but I haven’t found a solution to this.

I’m running build 0.9-4661-g75019b5 and the sidebar seems to be oddly placed, it’s overlayed on top of the game view rather than to the side:

You have narrow sidebar enabled in options.

Just go into options and find the sidebar setting, then change that to standard.

Thanks but that still produces the same result as can be seen below. Besides the narrow sidebar shouldn’t obstruct half my view, it should still be besides the game view not on top of it surely?

After further testing it seems to work as expected as long as my terminal width is set to 208 or less. As soon as I set it to 209 or above, the sidebar position breaks:

Width at 208:

Width at 209:

[s]1. Are you in fullscreen?

  1. Are you using a high height of screen?[/s]

If none of these, it must be the tileset.

Post post:

Oh. Hmm.

Just to clarify, this happens with USE_TILES set to true and false.