New interface looks gross can i restore old one

hello i had a build from 2 weeks ago and just updated and see this:

what happened to the old interface? can you restore it?

the top mini map showing overmap tiles is absent, the message log only has space for like one message and everything is cluttered and confusing. can i get the old one back in some way?

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ahh nevermind i fixed it!

for anyone else confused, press ’ } ’ and tab to style and choose classic. thank you !

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ok i’ve bumped into another problem:

why is the get-items menu now on the left side? can you restore the old one?

this is very tiring for my eyes just moving constantly from left to right side of the screen

Yeah, I don’t know who thought this new style was a bright idea but I can’t seem to see anyone who likes it or finds it useful. I really hope it gets reverted by default as even after “fixing” it myself, my characters are still off center of the screen

Shame classic mode doesn’t extend to the bottom of the screen anymore even on classic mode. Atleast by what I’ve heard the pieces missing from classic are getting fixed which is good.

Those who don’t mind simply stay silent, because they have nothing about which to complain. It’s a common misconception that the loudest are the only ones with opinions.


yeah umm i think they just needed someone to break the ice

having everything on the right sidepanel made it really confortable for the eyes in my case at least. when dungeoning, i would only keep a look out on the minimap, using my peripheral vision to actually check on my character or items around that i would proceed to pick up, in the same part of the screen, the right sidebar that is. now the pick items up menu is on the left side, requiring me to focus my whole sight across the screen from the minimap, since you need to read, and peripheral vision doesnt help


Pretty sure making major changes and thinking it is a good idea to make it a default is actually a really obviously $h!t idea, when springing such things on people that grow accustom to the way things work just fine for years. Options are a good thing. But once again. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Something could be done that was more constructive. Like. Fixing broken stuff.

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Yeah, they ought to just revert it, and if they really proud of their hud they can make it an option you can switch to in the middle, but not the default one. At least make the classic option actually the old hud & not some classic style thats not true classic.

Nobody’s forcing you to play experimental versions. This isn’t an MMO where the current patch is all there is and represents the current release version of the product. If you want to restore old stuff, just download an older version.

Experimental versions are experimental. By all means, provide feedback if you don’t like something. But the only thing here that’s an obviously shit idea is flinging mud at people for “ruining” the build that you opted out of keeping and that you could get back any time you want.


It seems like the problem was that the old interface was inflexible and all screwy under the hood. Now, you can’t fix a pile of spaghetti code without breaking some stuff, because everything’s all tangled up together, and changing one bit has ripple effects all over the place.
The new interface code should eventually be better than the old but it’s in a transition state right now. Fixing spaghetti code is a case where that old saying is really true: You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

My advice would be to switch back to a version prior to the new interface and just stick with that for the time being. (Well actually I think it would have been better to work on the interface in a branch and then try to merge it when it was ready, but that comes with its own challenges)



My point is still valid even if you didn’t understand it. It was not a mud fling. Experimental is a fine thing indeed. But as I made clear. Making a big change to something that is like 85% of what the user is staring at the entire time they play the game is a pretty darn big change to make a mess of. You like the new look. Good. But it shouldn’t be a default just because you liked it or made it.

I also did not say it ruined anything. Don’t be so butt hurt over people with a different interest getting upset over a big change that effects a very glaringly obvious part of the game.


So, you think it should be the option rather than the default because you don’t like it? New things need to be play tested, not stuffed into an optional setting most users won’t be aware of. This current setup is not the final version, and does need refinement, but they won’t get feedback if they leave things as they are.


Just a quick look at the new hud: it seems much less condensed compared to before. Also, it seems somewhat poorly organized. All the stats at the very top are all jumbled, making it hard to directly understand in heated moments like being overrun by the undead.

Suggestions for creators looking (probably not but whatever): Line up the main body parts along with Sound, Stamina, and focus or power all below them. The rest would take the other bits like stats, mood, and speed.

I’m also guessing spacing might be an issue, as the new form would allow for more filled out and larger location names.

You could try and fix the issue of preference it by making two versions: the current one showed, and a hyper-condensed version listing the body part health bars, time, weather (Degrees/Celsius, not sky), stamina, and pain. Maybe sound as well. This would allow for a much larger log and enemy list, combining the best of both the worlds.

Just an idea.

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No. Not really. I’m saying we have had the same interface most people find agreeable for, what, 3 years or so now? Instead of a change we get an unexpected surprise that tinkers with a part of the game that is unavoidably noticed. People thought it was a major bug. You kinda have to look at that information in order to play the game properly. Well then it came about it wasn’t a bug and it was set as a default thing. No ideas whether it was going to change or whatever and people who play casually aren’t reading everything at github to know what is happening.

An option for it is great. Tell us about it in short for major changes as a heads up. Not only are those aspect then focused upon. It doesn’t make people think the game took a nose dive in a direction that they would dislike. But to do as the forum was meant for. To discuss and test. I don’t think it would be too much to expect on the forum announcement area to post a “Hey folks! New interface going up. Watch for it. It isn’t a bug. Old style being in the works will be there and be taken care of over time. Test the new interface and give feed back as per usual and have a nice day.”

Major elements are cool man. Major changes to those outa the blue for the general non coder crowd…yeah. Not pleasant. I do like the old interface. The HP area was like a body, top to bottom. Nice and orderly. The new one isn’t bad albeit missing some stuff. But hey, whatever pops your cork right? I wasn’t miffed about the the new stuff. Just a surprise Birthday party as I was walking in the door and people yell SURPRISE!!! and I shit my pants cause I had to go on the ride home lol (analogy…bad one sure but read what I always write using Bill Bur as the voice. Not angry, just sound like a southy)

That much I can agree on. A little more vocality on the situation is never a bad thing, and being surprised by a major change such as this can be stressful.

expanding on your analogy, though, your kinda in the “throw surprise birthday parties” room if you are on the experimental build. Things are going to change, and not always for the best. that’s the point of experimental. You are completely right to point out the sudden missing features, that’s crucial to the process, but this is the place for the sudden changes. complaining about that is counterproductive.

some of the issue there is due to how rarely they push a stable build. It forces a lot of players to go to the experimental to try the latest coolest features rolling out, but also makes them victims of the flaws.

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The new default “labels” version is less compact. Try switching to “compact” for a really tight interface, or “classic” for something very close to the original.

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Oh, come on. The interface change topic is old as the Earth itself. has changed it a lot, has, a lot of sites have changed their interfaces, more popular ones - more than once. Now, a site is not a game, you can’t just roll it back for yourself, but the new interface is always “bad” compared to the old one because we all get used to stuff. I’ve recently had my water tap replaced, and now i’m freezing myself into a glacier or burning to death every time I try to use it.
Point is, new stuff is always percieved to be worse than the old one that we are all used to. BUT! Is the new stuff really worse than the old one? Half of the time - yes, it is. Why? Because changing stuff just to change stuff is almost never a great idea. Yes, we all know about spaghetti code and breaking eggs for omelets and stuff, but I’m a strong believer in this principle: “If stuff works fine - don’t touch it”. Even if it involves a lot of crutches to work.
But if one actually wants to change the way things work, not make a simple refurbishment, then going through the anarchy of the new look is quite justified for the sake of the greater good. I haven’t played the game for a while now, so I can’t judge whether this is just a cosmetic change or a real way to New Super Cool Features 3000 ™, but I’ve seen a lot of instances when the externals have been changed without any internal work. So I can understand the discontent, since the people are going through this loss and adaptation cycle for no real improvements in case there have been none implemented.

So I just hope that there are going to be changes for the better behind this interface update.

the point of this topic isnt to say the interface is bad, its that it was suddenly put into the game without much explanation in-game at first and the compact was the new default, and to me the old one was not better for the sake of familiarity. it had everything you needed to see tied in compactly, the mini-map, the log, full compass and all those are really important in my opinion