No Sidebar In Overmap Screen

I’ve just updated the game to the newest version (10116) and I have no thing showing in the sidebar in the overmap screen.
I can still toggle things like hordes on and off and the search results still shows on the right.

I’m running 10112 and I don’t have this problem. Probably related to

I didn’t know about that issue. I thought it might have been related to this in the newest build,, but my issues are the same as in the post you linked.
I was on build 110 before this, and that was ok.
At least I know what it’s related to now.

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I am also seeing no text on the overmap sidebar. It doesn’t seem to be related to the Graphical Overmap Mods, as I first thought. I thought it may have been an issue of the Colors table, but you guys seem to know what is actually causing it.