The issue of Kev Jong-Un

You can’t have a vote to remove Kevin from the maintainer’s role. This isn’t a democracy.

Someone could fork the project - the license explicitly allows that - and demonstrate superior project management and game design skills such that most of the developers started contributing to that project. All of us, including Kevin, would love to see that happen.

However, in 3-4 years I’ve been following CDDA, I’ve seen a lot of people make angry noises about Kevin’s decisions but I haven’t seen anyone demonstrate consistently better game design or project management skills. Nor have I seen more than token efforts to fork the game and maintain the fork. Until someone is willing to bell that cat, I tend to take complaints about Kevin’s management style with a large grain of salt.


Mlangsdwarf basically hit the nail on the head just there. No one else is actually willing/able to do a better job than Kevin and CDDA is his project at the end of the day, so without making your own fork it’s his way or the highway.

I can understand several chunks of what you’re saying, Kevin can be overzealous at times, but the comparison in the title is going waaaayyy too far!
I too, have been misunderstood, I’ve been said to supposedly be ranting and whatnot, but if you name the title of your thread that? I kinda feel like you are somehow misunderstanding yourself.

Definitely, if you can manage, don’t write stuff ‘in the moment.’ It can be easily end up giving the wrong message (I was once accused of being sexist even though sexists are a primary murder target. In video games, of course.).
Even if you were calmed down at the time, it’s still a good thing to remember.