The history of my character that is so Lucky I think it should be considered illegal to use her

Playing the good old,big cities extremely away from each other,robots prodige so I start with a Craftbuddy at the fled the riots scenario,oi started on a library and I saw an LMOE shelter south and a gun store on the other side of the street,rushed tp the LMOE shelter,it had an locksmith kit and ZE SLEDGE HAMMER,I walked to the gun store with both and enter it,I founded basically shit enough to kill at least 2 hulk’s on early game,found an bicycle and got the hell out of there,found a dude and he joined my party,made into the road and found a working car installed the foot cranks on it and we followed the road for 3 days,on the end of the first day founded an police SUV putted it’s fuel to the car,stole it’s tires and battery, the end of the second we found an electric car and uses the day to fix it,in the third day I found a solar car that gave me 3 advanced solar panels and other dude,then we found an RV near some place and I quited because I was tired and didn’t wanted to do something stupid