Got Basics , what to do now?

so i decided to settle down in an evac shelter , after boarding up everything but 2 front and 1 back door and making spiked pits around all doors and windows and setting up 3 makeshift funnels outside with gallon jugs full of food and having a huge stock of unperishables downstairs thanks to 2 pizza stores , 2 grocery stores and about 6 houses , having a shitton of tools except the welder and welding masks and even having a flintlock with 25 bullets that saved my ass like 5 times , i am at a loss about what to do , i explored all surrounding towns ( about 3 ) and finding an electric car that works but ran out of battery halfway home , anyone got ideas ? i can post a pic of my map but it isnt really explored yet

Go explore, find new areas, science labs, military outposts, Caves, Mines etc.

Build a custom vehicle

Build your set of super armour or gear

Fight some of the most difficult creatures in the game.

Probably die.

Improve your weapons and armor and get a vehicle in working order. A flintlock won’t save you from a horde.

Find more books. Books make everything better.

Get some molotovs and maybe some grenades for really bad situations.

There’s always something nastier than you out there. Never assume you’re at a point where you can’t improve your skills/gear.

Just in general, it helps to have a goal, even a small one. It keeps you moving around the map, and you’d be surprised at how involved even a small goal can be. For example, maybe you want to forge an awesome sword. You need a full smithing setup, then, and some books to teach you how. And sure, you could just use a charcoal or electric forge, but why not use a vehicle forge on a vehicle with solar panels for effectively infinite charge? Or how about an electric vehicle forge on a light frame with shopping cart wheels that you can drag around your home, with a swappable battery installed and another set of frames outside your house with swappable batteries as well as solar panels, so you can just change them out when they get low? Just that idea - “I want to forge a cool sword!” - can involve a ton of material-gathering, book-finding, and treasure-hunting. There’s plenty to do, you just have to go after it.

Build a house. Even a small one. A wattle and daub house with a thatched roof took me almost 20 days to build.