The Goats Mod pack

Im sorry to make a new post but all the other ones I saw were old and I didnt want to necro. Im just trying to find out if The Goat’s mod pack, that one that has like 200+mods in it, do all those mods work together? Like if I enabled them all and made a new game, would the game start up or would there be crazy crashes? I ask because Ive had alot of issues in the past if I try to enable more than a few mods lol

The pack has no real coherence, it’s just a collection of mod that goat god and others try to keep working. If you enable 200+ random mod you’re very likely to have issues and it’s going to be a big pain for you to figure which mods are causing it.

Picking which mods from the list really interest you instead of throwing everything in is probably a better idea.


I gotta agree with this.

Regardless of the game, having a massive amount of mods shoved together can be risky. Lots of times I’ve had it seem like it was all safe and fine, but later game unfixable issues accrued bit by bit, eventually causing it to be unplayable.