A good (functioning) list of mods for 0.E

HI, I want to find a mod list for 0.E that won’t completely destroy my game. I was told that launcher mods aren’t reliable and certain mods couldnt be founded on github and if they where they would be outdated. Varying links to different web pages or a rar file would be nice.

you can pile on a great many number of mods, but what you consider ‘broken’ is up to you… you could say vanilla experimental is broken currently because fire’s go out almost instantly, but you can still play the game that way… adding on 3 diffrent mods may throw a lot of errors on world generation, but it’ll still work as intended in the end. y’mostly just gotta keep adding on stuff yourself until it breaks, then backtrack to see what broke and decide what you wanna keep.
Edit: if you’d rather not bother as well, a lot of diffrent youtubers who cover cataclysm have their own ‘modpacks’ as well that you can use instead of fiddling around with mods yourself.

okay, i’ll look at YT to see a good list. it’s just a bit difficult finding mods for cdda considering that there isnt a (go to) for mods, they are all kind of spread out around the web.

There’s a bunch of mods that come with the game by default and are kept up to date at the same rate as the game progress so that’s a start at least.

Well, there’s Kenan’s modpack, as well as this mod compilation from TheGoatgod which bundle a lot of mods… but they might not work well together if you activate them all at the same time, so you might want to go through them and look what you really want (and going to use) in your game.

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