Muh questions for anyone that will answer/listen

so the questions becues im bad with github and can find away to ask a question there, which game ver to install and what should i plan to perinstall mod wise almost every single mod in goatgods mod pack is broken and wont load in a world creation im using D stable should i be on E3? and any chance can people put in there post on github what game ver its for will kinda be great for the user. btw nice game kinda like a harder dayZ with character creation

0.D is really old, I’m pretty sure goat’s mod compilation is for 0.E and up.

depends on how detailed/difficult you want your game to be
older versions tend to be more forgiving (some might call that “exploitable”) however lack content, whereas newer versions have much more content (items, monsters, quests, etc.).

I personally use the cataclysm launcher as it automates alot of the more difficult programming things like installing soundpacks/mods and enables you to keep your save files on updating without worrying too much

tbh i find the blackbelt play though the easy mode can kill almost everything at once but have been nerfed more since D i just jumped into E3 and its still a bit of the same also do you know where to find scientist IDs easly i can get a lucky road killed one but can never find one out and about

melee only builds don’t work so well now, especially against some mutants like tanks or debuffers

brah sticking to single or mult stat system i can make a blackbelt character that can take on a full group or zombies mixed with take and shockers boomers and spiters without dying or getting hit(other than the boomer spiter and shockers) is there anyway to share a preset here?

12STR 8DEX 12INT 4PER/ traits:fast reader, bookworm / lightweight sleepy addictive personality wayfarer / skills 11 dodging 11 melee 11 unarmed than you martial art style zui quan attack two times than back step youll never get hit and skill everything just try to avoid anything with range and never fight standing still holding tab

I think you might want to try that in action before boasting it
grab renders dodging impossible, and the more zombies grab you the harder it is to escape
and its not really possible to buff your stats all the way to 11 in charecter gen without cheesing it in freeform instead of point limits

dont believe me try it yourself the proof is there just keep back stepping to avoid getting grabbed its possible with base game rules (2hit than step back but before you start that combo you want to hit once and backstep to build your stacking buffs) youll never die as long as you dont get swarmed and you take one small groups at a time

I pressume you mean “can’t find”… GitHub is more to develop the game, less to discuss questions like these, so the forum’s the right choice for that.

Well, it depends on your playstyle. The newest “stable” version is - at the point I’m writing this - 0.E-3 (or Ellison-3). Stable means it will not crash as much as the experimental version and while there are some bugs, it’s usually nothing game breaking.
Experimental offers the newest stuff. This means cool new monsters, features, and interactions… but also lots of bugs, crashes, balance issues and fast changing content or unfinished features.

As for mods, again, it depends on what you like. Do you want magic? More horror? Futuristic technologies? Simply more content? Some qualitiy of life changes? Or a weird experience? …
As with most games, going without mods for a “simple” start is probably the best… and gives you a chance to see what you most likely want to see changed.

Well, “0.E-3 - Beta 2” is ment for 0.E-3 (as the name suggests) and the currently newest (0.1.7) is designed around the newest experimental at the time (although - as already written - the fast development of the experimental versions can make mods obsolete from one day to the other).
But in general it’s better to report bugs of any type to the mod author directly (in the GitHub page of the mod or the related forum topic).

Well, some do. But since there’s a new experimental version about every 8 hours, it’s going to be hard to keep it accurate.
Also, keep in mind; they usually do this in their free time, usually without any payment, so it’s their choice how they present their mod…

Outside of labs you can find them in FEMA camps and Recycling centers. It’s possible that there are more places, like dumps or in the sewers, but I’m not sure.
They can also be found at the map special “Scientists” (some corpses, monsters and science items that you can stumble upon randomly).
Other than that, they drop from science zombies and maybe some NPCs have them for trading… or taking. (I’m not sure on that, though.)

On the current experimentals this is no longer possible, as a character with these values will leave you with -19 points:

Since you’ve asked us to add version numbers to mods for your convenience, I’d like to ask you to use (or at least try to use) propper punctuation for our convenience in your posts.
As a non native english speaker/reader, it took me a long time and some headache to read through your post(s).
And remember, there’s an important difference between “I like to eat birds and children” and “I like to eat, birds and children.” :grinning:


10/10 you answered all of my questions i must go and find the newest update one for i have been playing old this full time ill be switching over to the beta for a bit also if you can do me one more favor can you explain to me how to use the launcher ive tried to understand on the github page but to not much luck also @Bio srry for my mistake ive seen this game on seth youtube review and though i found a god mode build but atleast its been nerfed

Download the installation. Run the installation. Install the launcher. Run the launcher.

for your playstyle I’d recommend picking up spears once you figure out how to get the launcher running for experimental.

also here’s a direct link to the launcher, just gotta install then go from there. the launcher will be in stable when you first pop it open, on the bottom half you have to select the blip for ‘experimental’, at which point it’ll show under available builds the most current release. you hit update game on the bottom, then once its done, launch game.