Heavily Modded Gameplay

I’m trying to boot up an insanely modded world but, unfortunately, quite a couble expancions load with errors.

Any suggestions about how can it be fixed or what’s the best version for such kind of thing, as i’m currently trying it on the 10842. Maybe stable one will do?

P.S. All the non-launcher mods were taken from the Goat’s Mod Compilation.

Latest experimentals have some fairly massive changes, and it’s probable that your mods haven’t caught up with them (GoatGod & Co are amazing, but even they have limits). Most of those should work pre-Nested Containers, so if you have that build I’d recommend trying it out and seeing what errors you still get.

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Thanks! It fixed some problems but it seems that I’ve got a wierd mix of old and new once, so only troubleshooting is the way now.

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I have noticed that even if some mods work they dont have

“pockets” or support the new container system so EG
I am sure they will catch up at some point :slight_smile:

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Heh, that’s why my power armor always spawns with an empty plutonium storage)

I just got 300 plus mods in my mods file. Made the game crashed right before opening, fixed it. Tried playing with 2 base mods, all good. Now am on my way to try to play with as many mods as possible, wish me luck. And its in android btw, am dreading the lag.


the fact that i saw a mod named “Anime Bullwhack” on the Rebalancing mods makes me laugh XD

heavily modded? that is nothing I have over twice that in my games

These are only the “bad” ones