~The Flesh Forest~


I got the idea from something I heard of called a ‘hell mouth.’ I don’t know much about them, other than they are ‘mouths’ to and from hell.


Well, we’ve got hell mouth filled with lava in CDDA :wink:


I just want to ask if someone has done this. If yes, provide any links to it so we can try this :confused:


Mostly my brainstorming habit when I get into the game a little more than usual. Feel free to bump though. We may yet see some one develop this into the game one day =D

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I remember the original C&C games for DOS. But beyond that. I kinda left those behind for stuff like Morrowind when the modding scene really picked up. I was on the ground floor when the big names were new then and helped make some cool stuff…er…told people ideas and they made stuff for everyone rather =^_^=


Oh wait. I was going somewhere with that. Ummmm…I didn’t take that idea from C&C =D