What about fungal Animals and insects? + other ideas related

We currently have fungaloid zombies, but then I saw this: WARNING Gross/Creepy/Terrifying/?!?!?!?!?/Scary

(I hope that went through alright)

The picture shows a fungus that has replaced the tissues of a spider, so that made me think of fungal zombies. So what about fungal animals?

They could provide an alternate source of Veg for the Vegan Traited/Mutated players,
would probably have some nasty goo in them for all sorts of new items to be made (Poisons, weapons, mutagens, etc.) maybe even used to make bio-diesel?
And could drop bones, sinew, pelts (All rare, the fungus has replaced most of its tissues by now), thorns, clean/unclean water(?Like a cactus?) and plant fiber.

It would also provide some interesting new dangers and challenges, like a fungaloid dog with the ability’s of a dog, but with a poison bite? or a spider that produces web that is like barbed-wire due to thorns?

I did a quick search under the keywords of fungaloid animals insects and spiders but found nothing so sorry if re-posted.

It has been suggested:
To use these creatures deep in underground areas as bosses, to ensure they don’t become annoying or overpowered. I will add to this that they could also either only spawn from fungus patches or fungus walls to act as defenders or make them local and not to ‘normal’

So whats everyone think? Tell me after your done screaming in terror from the pic.

As well I have a few Ideas for this, but am not sure if I should just start up new threads for it, so I will post this here.

New Crafts:

Fungus Spider Poison: A jar of acidic ooze from a fungus spider, burns anything not made of plant matter severely. Gained from butchering a fungus spider, and gaining a poison gland, then combine it with a glass jar. Can be thrown to shatter the glass and make a temporary acid pool that harms/melts enemies.
Drawback: Requires a high survival skill to get the poison gland. The poison can melt useful pelts, leathers, bones and meat. If the meat survives it might be tainted.

Poison arrows/Bolts: Could cause damage over time or just do insta-damage.
Arrow/Bolt X1, Spider Fungal Poison X1

Drawback: High chance of tainted meat, can melt bones/pelts. Does no extra damage to Fungus based Monsters.

Barbed Web: Gathered from Fungaloid spider dens, Causes slowing/entanglement and damage when walking through it. Will need 1x Plastic Bag (Greased) to hold it.

Drawbacks: Must be gathered using oiled gloves (So the web doesn’t stick to you) and will still have a chance of poking you. Need hedge clippers to gather and has a 1/4 chance of breaking them.
Or use a hacksaw/machete?

Hedge clippers: Need 2x blades, 2x handle (Made from wood), useful for ‘gardening’, and gathering large items which need to be cut from a large mass.

Drawbacks: Not great for combat, big and cumbersome, can break or become gummed up with material.

Poison Gas Bottles: 3X Bottles (Glass), 1x ammonia, 1x bleach, 1x Fungus spider Poison, (25)duct tape.
When thrown the bottles break and mix, causing a large acidic cloud to form which also poisons whoever/whatever enters it. It also melts enemies doing damage to undead and ‘non-breathing’ entity’s, but does less damage to plant types and very little to robots.

Drawbacks: hunting fungus spiders, glass bottles are a bit rare sometimes, you lose the bottles when thrown, you are just as susceptible to the cloud. Can destroy useful materials like Fungus Spider Poison, Just on a much larger scale.

So tell me what you think!

I think instead when z-levels get added , there could be rare caves in mountain sides where the people used to dump toxic waste.
The caves could contain lots of mold , huge mushrooms and maybe the mini-boss fungal spider/any other randomly generated animal with fungus tissue.

So the fungal animals don’t become mainstream like wolfspiders and jumping spiders , because in that case they would be purely annoying and over powered killing machines that infect you with spores.

It would also make getting poison arrows and other poison items a bit more of a challenge, and make them more of a reward.

On the other side i would also like to see a mutant human sometimes living in the cave in a mountain side.
He could have random loot around him , a shiny gold ring and he could be friendly , but get progressively more aggressive as he runs out of things to say.

Or when you steal the ring.


Could easily just spawn fungaloid animals around fungal spires or whatever those things are that spawn fungaloids.

I think it’d drive home the point that fungaloids are not quite the same as zombies, and that really you are fighting a fungus that takes over animals as well as people. I think it’s a good idea.

I like enemies with context and that fit into the existing lore.

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Fungal Insects already exist in game. Just not as drastically as this. If you check the debug cheat menu and spawn a monster. You can see fungal insect