Nightmare comes true

so long time ago, there is this idea on the forum about Flesh Forest where a section of a forest is covered in veins and flesh similar to human body (which is a good idea for some random event in-game, adding some horror and danger) and i think the idea seems to be implemented in-game but not on forest area but rather on an unfortunate house like this :

i don’t know if this is a feature from a mod or core game content but this is something that i would like to see on random place like house, building, lab or even small part of forest. and maybe add some loot like foods and weapons.

and honestly this is one hell of a nightmare…


seeing that you have a swarmer Z, i bet its from the same mod

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i see, but what mod is it from? i only use mainline mods + Secronom now.

It’s Secronom, I think.

i see… welp gonna do some flesh infestation raid.

I’m still curious about that… I really like the idea, but still, nothing seems to happen.
That being said, that house is just the beginning :wink:

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ayy that teasing winks there :laughing:

the next step could be those science lab, imagine the same lab responsible for the apocalypse, infested by living flesh and veins from one of the experiment that mutates uncontrolled, turning those scientist zombies into flesh-infested undead…

one may lose sanity upon entering such nightmare.

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