The Dreaded Cold

Hello all, I’ve been playing Cataclysm a lot lately with PK’s Mod active and I was wondering if any of you have any tips on how to deal with the cold easily. It mainly seems to be my hands and legs that get cold the most! I know I can layer many clothes over myself but that takes down on encumberance and such. Any tips would be nice! Thank you!

Until you get your skills up, you just have to layer on the warmest things you can make. As you get more skilled, you can start making items with less encumbrance. Over time, you will probably have winter gear and summer gear. I usually just throw on wool socks, glove and helmet liners, balaclava, long wool scarf, long underwear top and bottom when it starts to get cold.

Hands can be easy to deal with - keep them empty most of the time and make sure you have an item that can also warm hands (such as the long scarf). “wield” items only as-needed. When it is real cold out, you bundle up and waddle around.

If you can find a Wolf Suit or Dinosaur Suit consider wearing those. You’ll be weird, but you’ll be warm. If you want them to be armored just pad them with Kevlar, though watch out for the encumbrance as it’s very severe across your entire body.

Another way to get warm is to find a bed that’s not in a vehicle. If you put a bunch of blankets or clothes on top of the bed and then sleep in it for any amount of time (even the 30 minute shitty sleeps if you’re not tired) it will instantly make your temperature comfortable no matter what.

Speaking of vehicles, if you’re inside of a powered vehicle and every space around you in a 3x3 have roof and floor tiles on them, the vehicle will trend your temperature towards being comfortable, making it near-impossible to freeze to death inside of one.

The holy grail for cold resistance is probably the thermal electric outfit. Here’s the details on crafting it:

It’s extremely unencumbering, offers decent warmth even when turned off, and when turned on can protect you from any cold weather outside of an ice lab.

You need to find a book for it, but the relevant books are quite common.