Fur is murder suggestion

For the ethical(?) post apocalyptic survivor - more recipes allowing faux fur pelts. Particularly the ‘winter survivor’ series of items.

Feel morally superior as you luxuriate in your Winter Survivor Suit while eating your long pork kebab.1

Retracted: I was under the assumption that yarn could still be crafted. My bad.

Nope but labs certainly can be. Or if someone decides to take the desert mod and make an inverse version of it.

Thermal suits

The battery ones or new unpowered thermal underwear.

Wool grown from cotton.

That’s… Actually impossible. By definition wool comes from animals.

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Yeah, I wore an electric thermal suits in one of those ice station zero places. Still froze my butt off. (Previous character).

You need to stack a lot of warm clothes to explore the deep ones, you can stack 2 thermal suits and 2 sets of individual thermal items for 4 total. Lots of encumbrance though, skiing gear and winter gear can help too, I tend to pick those up just on the off chance I end up exploring a winter lab (since they don’t get used otherise).

The mission text says the target is on the fourth floor. I think I’ll just mine downstairs outside of the lab area then break in on the fourth floor.

I’m not saying that won’t work because I don’t know but tunneling takes quite a bit of time and I don’t know if the cold extends past the lab walls.

Only one way to find out.

Well, two ways, but only if you count cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I did come across an ice station that was adjacent to a subway tunnel and things didn’t start getting cold till I blasted a hole in the wall, so I should be good. The tricky bit is going to be picking the right spot to start digging.

Good luck then, sounds like an interesting idea. Never been a big fan of ice labs.

Where are winter labs

Same as normal labs, just look until you notice you are getting colder per level gone down and if you aren’t geared for it you’ll notice pretty damn quick.

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Or you can follow the medical questline in the refugee center. At some point the doctor will send you to an ice lab for a mission. That’s a way to find one if you are really struggling.

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Oh I thought it was like a special Arctic location like the Ice Station on the Thing movie