OMG ####### are deadly!

So I just encountered Mi-Go Slavers for the first time, and that was a really horrible shock.

That psychic scream is so brutally debilitating. My character went from fine to completely crippled by pain and severely injured in moments. I would never have survived if I didn’t have an M4 rifle to just spam rounds into the thing point blank while it shredded me - and even after that the pain lasted for 6-12 hours.

What a terrifying creature. :cold_sweat:

I’ve read on reddit that devs are going to make their stammina-draininag and pain-dealing beam reduced in effectivness like 10 or 20 times. Right now youre lucky to even survive.

Another reason to mutate medical I suppose. Just power through in ecstatic bliss.

Imagine the look on a Mi-Go Slaver’s face when he sees his unblockable, ultra debilitating beam does nothing to you :rofl:

Slaver fires beam
Survivor collapses in a heap, groaning and starts convulsing
Slaver starts to turn away
“Ughhh, again… and lower”
Slaver does a double take

I’m really going to have to do a post threshold Medical survivor again at some point.

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I knew what this post was about before I even clicked into the thread. Yeah they’re pretty rough, atm.

the mi-go are EVOLVING!

I survived a stray mi-go scout with “torso” which warned me of their danger. So later when I came across a mi-go fortress and saw a “mi-go slaver” I turned around and quickly rode away.

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Yeah, I’ve watched Mi-Go Scouts tearing through a fair number of Z’s with that organic rifle thing of theirs before they get overwhelmed.

So far I’ve decided to just give those ones wide berth, luckily I’ve seen very few of them so far. Thank goodness those two factions don’t get along.


I wanted to say survive with a backslash on torso but the backslash was eaten by discourse’ formatting.

Is there any defense agains these guys pain generator? Apart from avoiding them, of course.

You’d have to test it but in theory a post threshold medical with Deadened should be immune.

Yeah, since their spell requires targeting, mounting on any creature (mech or animal) defends you from said generators :wink:
But be aware that the spell affects your mount…

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