The art of the xtal - Gem mod

Okay… so here is a basic try at modding cata…

The art of the xtal.

Adds 24 new gems to the game
1, Alexandrite
2, Amethyst
3, Aquamarine
4, Citrine
5, Emerald
6, Garnet
7, Jade
8, Lapis Lazuli
9, Moonstone
10, Morganite
11, Onyx
12, Opal
13, Paraiba
14, Peridot
15, Rubellite
16, Ruby
17, Sapphire
18, Spinel
19, Tanzanite
20, Topaz
21, Tourmaline
22, Turquoise
23, Zircon
24, Rose Quartz

A gold ring for each of them.

And a book “The art of the xtal” with the recipes for crafting them.

The gems spawn in jewelry stores and bank vaults.
The rings and book can only spawn in jewelry stores.

I-it’s not like i made this for the c-community or anything! Hmph!.. baka…!3SZlBAha!dr2snuvg074fVH2xXmN41il05re6sK4KzgABOHSeBfg

Feedback welcome.

P.S. due to irl i may not to get to update and add more for awhile


Odd, but neat. I’d almost urge you to consider PRing this, but without something interesting to actually make with them, it would be a bit of a hollow addition.

That said, pretty good job for a first attempt.

Thank you. I do plan to add more stuff but irl sucks atm…

Was thinking of making a sort of lore-friendly way to get gems and neat stuff to make with them… as well as a lot more jewelry… Thinking a sort of portal opens in a cave in the woods. And there would be gem golems spawning that you can kill to get more gems from… Not too sure atm.

Are you planning on using them to enhance the new gold and silver items? Maybe use them to make fancy items extra fancy?

Just don’t overhaul their stats. Kinda useless if it kills player in one-hit…

Making wearables that consists of these materials allow higher morale bonus to “STYLISH” character?

Thinking of going

Puppet Militia --> Soldier --> Knight
Puppet Militia --> Scout

For a start.
And golems will be more shoggoh level stuff… But will give the best shit.
As for puppets i am thinking " Master of Monsters " novel type thing but made out of a crystalline substance… A living crystal that lives via magic from another world.

You would be making your jewelry better (SUPER_FANCY) via adding magic xtel stuff to it.
And making stuff like a gem armor out of pieces of the puppets/golems but will need stuff from golems for the best gear.

… if i can get the monsters to work at all… and i stop feeling sick or just get full blown sick to get it over with…

MoM Rose… But my crystal puppets will be sexyer and have more of a face :3

Sorry it took so long to reply… was still trying to think how i wanted to do it.

Nihonjin? Nice diagram.

Just downloaded from the internet :3 but yeah i like MoM… just wish there was a bit less psychology…