Making Mods. Please help

Well considering you’ve clicked on this your either a random person or a person who codes some of the mods here.

I want to talk about making mods. I already have a clue at what mods are made of those ‘.json’ and made a modification to a mod i loved i added a really op book that gives you 100,000 morale points. But i caint seem to grasp the idea of other items please help.

Maybe this thread can help you? Zhilkin replied with a GitHub page that is some sort of guide to modding C:DDA.

Thanks NuG. Even though it doesnt state how to write an item but it linked to how some of the items worked and were placed so. Ill be fine!

once i get the hang of it maybe ill upload some mods for cata.

My first attempt at this. Rewritten the leather apron code.

Nice! Up Up and AWAY!!

Nice! I hope to see some of your work soon! :slight_smile: