The app

Why does the app look so much better than this?
Are they not made by the same people?

Not sure, what you mean. Do you mean the graphics?

The App uses the…I think it was the Chesthole Tileset, which the Windows version also has. We (the PC-version that is) also has a few other Tilesets available, I personally use Mshock for example.

Also, This game started as Ascii, and a lot of people actually PREFER the ascii graphics. So…yah.

acsii masterrace, git gud.

Ok, so it uses a graphical mod called a tileset.
How do i install a tileset?

you need to download Windows Graphical version (for example) and go to Options once you start the game. Change the Tileset there, and start the game to see if you like it. The best ones are Mshock and Chesthole IMO.