Problem with changing tileset

Hi to everyone! ^^
First:complements for the game,i love the zombie/apocalitic rogue game,especially the RPGs w
Second:I’ve got a little problem with the tileset change:in the game’s options i change the tileset with “Deon’s” (i put the “Use Tiles” on “true”) but the tiles doesn’t work :frowning: it remains only the ASCII tileset.How i can run the Deon’s tileset?Thanks in advance ^^

P.S. If there’s a error (or more xD) is because i’m italian but i know very well the english/american lenguage ^^" (i don’t use any translater xD)

You don’t use any translaters? Great then.
Just joking with you, hehe.

Humm… have you tought in restarting the game? Sometimes, you need to restart to make the changes.

Ahahah oke XD yep,i exit form the game every time that i change the options,but it’s the same situation :confused:

Do you SAVE the options? I had a problem of using escape twice to go to the main menu again, you need to put escape and then Y.

Yeah,yeah,i did it a lot but it’s the same thing.The “use tileset” option is on “true” but the tiles doesn’t work

You are using Graphical version?

Uhm…i don’t know.What is it?

Here is the latest graphical build:,Platform=Windows/lastSuccessfulBuild/

Sorry,but it doesn’t download it TT__TT it’s very strange that the tileset doesn’t work ;__;

My guess is that you are using the curses version of the game, which doesn’t support tiles. You need to download the graphical version of the game in order to utilize tile sets, which you can download from the main cataclysm website page.

Edit: important fix (dang you phone keyboard + autocorrect)

Uh,thanks man! :smiley: I’ll try it tomorrow ^^
P.S. Can you give me the internet adress of the website where i must download the tilesets? :3

You should be able to download the graphical experimental (or just the stable, which should support it) from . If you are using a translated version you might want to ask down in the translator boards, I’m unsure exactly where that is downloaded from.

i2amroy,i love you! w the tileset (grapichal version) wooooooooork now! w Thanks to everybody for your tips,really thanks! ^^ Bwahahahahahahah,beware zombies!Dark is coming back! +w+