Teleport trap sent me into a barrack in lab

I am in the barrack, but I can’t get out…
Is this fair?

I would venture my opinion as yes it is fair. I personally would create another survivor whose sole purpose is a rescue attempt.

I think it is unfair :slight_smile: Usually locks only keep people from coming in, not going out.

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Tell that to the people in my basement.


At least try to see if there is any explosives around first.

Might be able to cobble together a hefty enough weapon to bash down the door or walls.

Only if you are really strong. Reinforced concrete and metal doors are no joke, now reinforced glass not so much.

All is fair. If i had a dollar for every time i stepped into the line of sight of a turret in a lab, or many other mistakes but the fun is in failing. I did notice one unfair thing and since i am new on here not sure where to put it up. When you choose the prisoner path, the game will sometimes start you out in a locked stair case. I usually just restart the scenario until i am not stuck but mit should be changed.

Teleport C4= win? Lol

Caught the maniac, guys!

most of the time there is some wooden doors to bash
it’s not much but it’s something

All those turret missteps and inability to see a security bot in the dark are legitimate mistakes, but I don’t see why the lab scientists would want to essentially imprison their security force. Maybe they are afraid that the soldiers would become a lot stronger as zombies, but I think there should at least be a way to computer-hack your way out. Maybe it is just a code limitation.

I’m not certain these thing would make much sense anyway. Why would anyone drop turrets all over the place for the grins. The most those computers do are show unexplored map areas. Half of which are explored in order to get in the lab lol

Turrets would be more aptly placed in front of key positions of interest. Soldiers wouldn’t be all or nothing in the sleeping quarters. They’d be roaming the halls on guard duty. Turrets could come out AFTER the collapse of of security as a precaution to guard lab supplies and equipment and the armory and even the generators. But random almost empty rooms? Not likely when you consider the primary computer stations that unlock black boxes and the like have literally nothing unless you screw up a roll while hacking. Plus critter cages are not at all guarded.

You put me onto thinking about how under developed labs are…except for the latest design…hmmm sigh…depressed now…j/k xD

You are lucky as it didn’t teleport you into the zombie brute terrarium.

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