Lab Escape Explorations

It’s been a while since I last played, and so many changes! This is especially true in lab escape land, which has become a lot more interesting! Kudos on all the effort! 8)

One bit of feedback, I just did an unwilling volunteer start, where I dashed past the initial denizen only to run pretty much immediately into a turret blocking my way to anywhere. Needless to say that made it unwinnable from the start.

Would it be possible to disallow turret spawns like that in that very first area, to avoid such immediate unwinnable scenarios?

I don’t believe you can disable turrets being generated
You’ll just have to hope RNG doesnt wreck your run.
The only things I could think of are:
disabling all monsters, possibly ruining your gameplay experience
cheating and editing the turret out of the world, or some similar act of bypassing it.

That initial area is standardized, with some simple variations, which is why it occurred to me removing turrets from those set locations might be possible and a good idea.

But it’s also right at the beginning, so at least you know right away if you get blocked there. 8)

you could try throwing things at the turret it only has so much in range and there should be enough wood and thread for you to make a bow and some arrows to just shoot it with said arrows

To add to that thought they have even less range in the dark. Their flashlights only go about I think halfway of their Max range. But that is the furthest their guns can fire at you not their effective range(that’s the flashlights range).

Good thoughts in general, but this was in a pretty confined hallway situation.

Oh the end hallway in labs/entrance? That’s easy just get some throwing spears and sit at the stairs and throw away you worries eventually it’ll die or you can get a gun or best yet laser and shoot it dead. It actually can’t see to the stairs if you don’t have a light on. If it’s not the entrance and you can’t escape cry softly as it tears you a structurally sound new mouth in your stomach. Best I can tell you.

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No this was right at the start, initial map squares, a possibility with the new revisions to labs. No ability to explore and build up at all, and no just out of range situation like the old exit hallway either.

Like I said, good thing is it doesn’t waste much of your time, because you realize you are trapped right away. But if that preset start area can be modified to prevent it happening it would be worth doing.

That sucks never had that really happen save one time I spawned in one of those side rooms on the surface in so I could only escape past a turret but I don’t think that is quite what you are saying. It’s mostly seen at least by me with the enemies nearby start tag that you get that sort of thing. Maybe removing the tag will prevent it from allowing enemies within X tiles of spawn? Been awhile since I did a lab challenge run.

It’s very different now, and there’s a set start location (at least for unwilling volunteer) we didn’t have before.

It’s really a lot more interesting with all the changes

is there any large furniture around like lockers or something? you can grab those (shift-G) and drag them in front of you towards the turret. If you have enough of them, you can slowly wall it in so it can’t see you. Only solution I can think of. if not, maybe you can smash some countertops or chairs and build something to move and block it’s sight?

Good advice Delerium. In fact I may end up doing something like that to get past the turret near the top of the lab. But at this start you just have a bed (two squares), chair, toilet, sink, and some glass shards. And a zombie brute. 8)

you could smash the other cells glass walls

Reinforced. The implication is Mr Brute smashed your cell open, giving you a chance to escape.

It’s very nicely done

Mind you, it IS possible to have Mr Brute smash you through into one of those cells. Not much benefit to that though. :wink:

Brutes can’t break reinforced glass themselves. There are containment rooms with them with reinforced glass and they can’t break out even when motivated by a soft flesh punching bag for its fists. However I hold no doubt they could throw you through one. Not sure on hulks but then again never seen them in a lab.

Yes you’re right, but I think that’s the unspoken explanation for the unwilling mutant start now.
Brute gets a lucky shot in, your cell window was weakened by a local quake, something like that.

Oh yes, they sure can throw you through. Often have to run past this one to escape, and he usually gets a shot in. Which can send you flying.

Never had that happen. But I know moles and worms some times get in and break things. I have seen them break windows only when burrowing though. I have also seen the zombie grenadiers too but that was only once. Also fun thing about all zombies they are one or two shoted by the fungal blooms/spores mutation (can’t remember the name) it’s super OP for clearing labs it also damages anything it can’t infect