Teetotaler Trait idea

This trait is focused around utterly hating any use of recreational substances, whether that be alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. The more powerful the drug or similar is, the worse the mood debuff. This makes various methods for improving mood completely and totally inviable since it will instead hinder the player.
Teetotalers still can take things like this, though.

While various things can be used for beneficial purposes aside from mood bonuses, if it isn’t made for medicinal purposes it gives a significant mood penalty.

I imagine the bonus trait points would probably be relatively small overall.

Imho that would be just another one of these “free points” traits. I don’t know about most players, but in my case for exemple, if i want to get my character to a good mood, i would use food, books and videogames.
Aside from rarely alchol, i don’t feel like drugs are worth it. Sure, they give you good mood, but they destroy your hidden health stat, and can give you addictions wich are a pain in the ass to get rid of.

Teetotaler makes more sense as a conduct.

Being a teetotaler does not mean you can’t drink or take drugs period. It just means you don’t.

Nor is it a negative worth points.

It’s probably NOT a good idea to be crap-faced stumbling around tripping, high, or drunk through unfamiliar territory crawling with zombies, turrets, killer plants, wildlife, and crazed NPCs.

Unless you have an impenetrable fortress, then all means, snort as much coke and drink as much homebrew as you like.

That said, they probably need to revisit drug effects. Some of them are just ridiculous. If drugs did what they do in CDDA, no one would use them. Not to say it would be a smart idea. Crack rocks might not have you falling down, but after that +9000 mood for an hour or so and no sleep you will get severe depression. And, it’s hard to focus on your goals if every white speck on the ground looks like a piece someone dropped. Not to mention health stat tanking and possibility of heart attack based on age and weight.