Drug enjoyment traits

Some people react poorly to drugs. (Others, the exact opposite.) Sure, all of the effects are there but the mind may or may not like what’s going on.

Stimulant Oversensitivity
Drugs have always caused you discomfort. Tingly skin, dry eyes, twitchy muscles. Urgh! You don’t like it!
[size=8pt]Positive mood effects halved, discomfort stacks. Too much stuff and the discomfort starts to outweigh mood elevation.[/size]

Stimulant Connoisseur
You know a thing or two about doing drugs. You’ve learned how to get the most out of whatever stimulant you can get your hands on.
[size=8pt]+25% or so mood elevation, special mood thing stacks. SO HAPPY! Could be more resistant to overdoses as well.[/size]

:stuck_out_tongue: and then the person gets 9001+ moral from eating all their stores of drugs… then they explode in a nuclear rainbow of doom