Tails, Clothes and kevlar

Just a quick question:
Can clothing with a mix of Kevlar and clothe be worn over tails, such as light cargo survivor pants?


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Perfect, that makes things a lot easier. Since most mutations come with a tail I was worried things like the ANBC suit be unusable, barring me from radiation zones.

Wait, the ANBC suit is unusable with a tail. With a tail you can only wear things that have at least some cotton or leather in them. Since ANBC suits are made of only kevlar and plastic it is off limits for tailed mutants (and indeed most other mutants too).

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The Survivor series of armor is partially made of Kevlar, and tails work just fine with it. And reinforcement of currently existing armor or clothing with Kevlar is fine too.

The ANBC suit is a hermetically sealed environment suit, made of polymers first. The Kevlar lining is a moot point. It’s the hermetic seal that keeps it from being alterable to suit a mutant with a tail.

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Ah fuck.
So then how does one take radiation dives if they become unfortunate enough to have a tail?

There any alternatives then for radiation protection when it comes to the mutated?

You can take Potassium Iodine tablets before your radiation dive, but it will only protect you partially. Having Prussian Blues or, even better, the radiation scrubber CBM can help purge what radiation you do obtain.

Overall, you won’t be able to achieve 100% radiation protection with a tail. Although truth be told, it isn’t that bad since none of the irradiated areas in the game are really worth visiting.

I was afraid you’d say that, But I guess that’s just that. Thanks for the insight.

A powered up set of RM-13 combat armor, coupled with a PBA Mask or survivors mask is pretty top notch radiation protection. The combat armor can be worn over other clothing, so you can still be wearing other protective layers underneath it.

(i.e. survivor gear / combat armor / PBA Mask)

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The problem is that all the tail mutations except for the stubby one prevent you from wearing RM-13 combat armor.

Only problem with the stubby tail is that’s usually set to the overly grown bear mutant, and I’m sure that brings about its own set of restrictions.

Hmmm, forgot about that. When ever I think of the RM13 I focus on it’s “non-rigid” descriptor and think it’s variable and can fit all but the most extreme mutant anatomy.

I’m sure there’s something that can be made or adapted though.

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Just checked, and nope. There’s nothing. Not even the custom built AEP suit will work. Looks like rad resistant armor and clothing is impossible with a tail.

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Welp, seams like I’m just going to have to be patient and hope someone with the skill and time creates a custom suit/item to resolve this.
Till then I’m sticking with my super cyborg playthrough.