XL Radiation Protection

Okay, so I need to go diving into a nuclear reactor that’s near my base. However, I have an issue: I have multiple mutations that make it impossible for me to wear Power Armor, RM13 Combat Armor, an ANBC Suit, etc.

So, naturally, the question arises if there is any way I can have radiation protection that can fit all-the-things? Or am I out of luck for reactor diving?

Only thing that comes to mind would be the rad scrubber cbm.

only option is chug purifier until you aren’t mutated anymore.

I’m better off taking my chances in the reactor than with the purifier, honestly.

Yeah going into a reactor isnt really “Taking your chances” its more of the long way to commit suicide.

With the resources it took to get as mutated as I am, however, it’s just not worth it to risk having to de-mutate myself completely just to get some plutonium cells. May as well bring the NPCs in there to mutate them, and then feed them some clay afterward.

Maybe someone will make a mod with XL Hazmat Suits. If only…