Tails and their strange incompatibilities with torso gear

So, tails end up being a common enough result when doing around of mutating. But the things out there that are incompatible with tails, especially since the tool tip says it prevents some pants, is odd. A rather amusing example are stethoscopes. I have no idea why a tail should stop me from wearing one of these, but this is hardly a problem. What does confuse me are things like plastic chest protectors that that clearly mark only covering the torso, are also incompatible, but football armor, which covers 10% more, is perfectly fine.

On a similar topic, I find it odd that tentacle legs restrict the usage of backpacks as well. Again, its the legs, not the back or torso so…

Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to sift through the items already in the game and have a once or twice over on what mutations realistically prevent which clothing options.