Spontaniously can't wear Heavy Survivor Gear

My characters been wearing Heavy survivor gear for a day or so, crafted it not long ago, getting good use out of it. Take it off and now I can’t put it back on because my raptor tail blocks it when it didn’t block it the first time I wore it. Haven’t updated in the time between. Any idea what could cause this?
Build 11139

I’ve modified the files to allow me to equip it but not sure what would cause this in the first place.

If I recall correctly, heavy survivor gear covers you so that your butt (if it was an included body part) and just above that would be covered. Kinda hard to fit in a tail when there’s so little space.

Check to see where exactly it covers and check the description as well. It probably needs the modifier ‘can accommodate mutated anatomy’ (or whatever that’s as labeled) to fit.

Although this begs the question, did you mutate your tail shields in the armor? Because if you previously were able to put it on while already having your tail then that’s a bug. If you mutated while wearing it and it’s not compatible and nothing happened to the armor then that is either a bug or an oversight.

Nope had the tail for most of my entire playthrough, been on threshhold for a long time. Built it, put it on, was happy since. Take it off and it won’t go back on. It’s made of leather reinforced with kevlar and steel anyway, should be plenty easy to sort a tail out with.

Side note the whole “tail wouldn’t fit” thing had never EVER made sense for me. If you craft something your gonna slap a tail hole on if you have a tail, you are throwing two arm holes on if you have two arms don’t ya? Not a complicated thing to add and not a thing people don’t do today for artifical tails, wings, ect. Mutated anatomy isn’t actually something that would realistically be a problem when crafting. Got spider legs? add holes for em like people do for arms, got wings, tougher but designs already exist. People make this stuff already. Tails probably the easiest of all, just a hole in the fabric with a button on top. non fabric? well you managed to make a hole for your arms, head, and legs already, it’s just another limb in the design. All this XL mutant equipment like stuff needs to be big and bulky with extra encumberence to all areas because it’s a million sizes too big so it’ll fit stuff inside has always been rediculious. Adding a tail to the design isn’t going to increase my arm encumberence. Find equipment? Ya that human stuff is gonna require sometimes severe modification and some things would be more or less difficult depending on what it’s made of.


Hmm, that’s a good point that I’ve thought to a bit myself. I might work on making some more mutant variants of existing clothing and put them in a PR. For balance, they tend to be a little bit harder to make due to the more ‘unique’ changes needed, and may cost slightly different amounts of materials, depending on what it is, plus some other possible changes.

Might also try making a new proficiency just for mutated anatomy, maybe something like “Mutant Compatible Design” for its name.

I’m probably going to make a thread about it before I work on doing it because I don’t want to put a bunch of effort into something that might just end up not being included in the game.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. I had actually though they had finally fixed that when I could just wear my suit but evidentially weaing it was a bug. Don’t see why it would get turned down if you make a functional system that supports a feature already in the game and is essentially just an improvement of a feature sort of patchworked in. Catchall XL’s into more specialized equipment that makes more sense realistically. Refinements of already implemented systems such as with them adding proficiency to flesh out crafting/tailoring seem to be the current development goal. Those got mainlined so more work done on fleshing out tailoring seems like it’d be a perfect fit as from the looks of it nothing has been done with the interaction between mutation and tailoring for a very long time.

This probably means fursuit maker with starting proficiency in mutated anatomy is going to be a thing to go with it lol

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There was a recent PR that makes items count as soft only if all of its components are soft or it has the new SOFT flag. Adding that flag to all of the clothes (including the heavy survivor suit) that used to be soft before this PR, but are now considered hard should fix this problem.