Tailor kit bug

just updated from experimental 5039 to 5046, tailors kit stuff changed and wouldnt repair clothing.

Also playing 5046. It’s the same with soldering iron. The menus to modify/repair clothing doesn’t even show up. When I (a)pply a sewing kit and then select a piece of clothing to reinforce I get this error message:

In 5045 version is working fine ,5046 I got the same glitch.

It’s the same with the sewing kit in 5046 too.

Looks like it’s fixed as of 5052.

anyone else noticed the sewing menu switched around? modify clothing at the top, repair near the bottom. feels to me as if thats very unintuitive, repair being (at least to my own experience) the most commonly used choice

Use the % menu for repairs, that’s faster and doesn’t require re-setting every character.