2491 - Sewing Alterations Materials Bug?

I’m not sure where it came in, its in the current version and at least the past few days or so - but sewing no longer seems to work. No matter how many rags, leather patches/etc. I have in my inventory, the game never recognizes them when I try to use a sewing kit.

Anyone know more about this? How far I might have to revert to get around it?

Hmm - upon further testing, there appears to be a workaround. I’m not sure what… but if I start a new game, and create a sewing kit and rags, for instance, they can’t be used on anything else I create, at least. But if I then play around with the inventory enough and wear and unwear things, they eventually become usable and it never comes back. I’d guess this a pretty low priority bug.

Caching. We cache your crafting inventory in hopes of saving processor time, so it takes a turn for things to update. When in doubt, pause a turn before crafting.

This is really an annoying bug, it also happens with reloading weapons. You have no ammo for that weapon! Uhh, yes I do.

I noticed you’re sometimes able to install a car part you no longer have (because you just used it a second ago), with the second installation being followed by a debug message about missing part.

I’m testing that fix now. Thanks.