Tablet app (the real life electronic kind) help

so recently i told a freind about this game and they got it from the app store. they use a tablet. but they have told me they cant play the game they did very fast cant use points and can barely control anything

if it’s the android app, I’m not surprised. I tried it a few times and the game is just not made for that kind of interface.

It has a virtual joystick for easier movement and keyboard shortcuts so that you dont have to open the keyboard everytime you want to press something.
But when i introduced this game to my friends they told me it looks so complicated(they basically given up without even playing cata).

The store versions are not currently maintained, the only maintained mobile OS version is the android version in a dropbox folder in the ‘android version’ thread.

ahh didn’t even know about that. I’ll have to try it out.