Mobile controls

I havent played the game in a decent 9 months, but this is one of the games i always keep in the back of my head to test out the new stuff thats been added while im gone.

Anyway, for a few months the mobile port wasnt compatible with my device, and just recently they updated and now it is. I installed the app and tried playing and immediately couldnt do anything, the swipe/tap on the mobile port dont work. I managed to open the keybinds to see if i could fix that but it seems they forgot to switch it off keyboard to android.
I looked through a quick few google searches and tried some things, but you cant open any menus without being able to change tabs.

I would appreciate if the full mobile implementation was finished so i could play, this is a rare hidden gem and it would be nice to be able to get back into it

Sounds like you declined the android virtual keyboard during first-time setup. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling.

I guarantee you that the android controls are perfectly functional, though.

I highly recommend getting a cheap bluetooth keyboard and 10-key! I got mine together for about $20 on Amazon and it works great :slight_smile:

The problem isnt with the keyboard, its that the swipe/tap to navigate menus and select options doesnt work. I reset the app multiple times and couldn’t get it to work

Keyboard works fine, its how i managed to open the keybinds menu, but i couldn’t select anything that wasnt assigned a key. Also tab/backtab dont work on mobile, and the quick access keys dont work so i couldnt bind a key to them.

Its set to mouse/keyboard input

There is no “mouse/keyboard input” setting. What you see is what all android players (and we have a number of them) see.

Android comtrols (at least they used to be a few months ago) used to have swipe/tap as the main input method. As you can see from the screenshot, it has mouse_move and mouse_select as the input method.
Even if i were to, for example change the keybind for mouse_move, theres is nothing on a touchscreen that can serve as an equivalent. And even if there were, it does not recognize my attempts at using swipe/tap to change the keybind.

Im sure if i were able to get into the android specific settings i would be able to fix this, but i cannot due to tab/backtab not existing to scroll through menus, and it doesnt recognize any input if i change the keybind. It seems like the gane was directly uploaded as an app without any attempt to integrate it.

I recommend you ask one of the many android players in the community discord, or reddit, or wherever you might find them. The discourse is not terribly active.